High pressure drain cleaning jetter for clearing blockages such as grease, sediment and tree roots from drains up to 8”

  • Honda GX690 V-twin petrol engine
  • Low oil level safety shutdown switch
  • Hour meter
  • Low water level safety switch for pump protection
  • Marine grade battery isolator
  • “Battery saver” safety alarm
  • Interpump W3523 High Performance plunger pump
  • Fully guarded direct belt drive system
  • Low profile frame with multiple hose reel positioning options
  • Designed and built for truck/ute/trailer mounting, for professional use
  • Tough Mustang hose reels for both high and low pressure hoses
  • Uniqe 5/16” Armadillo Redflex jetting hose, easy to handle without compromising the flow
  • Premium 3/4” water supply hose with tap fittings
  • Removable 25L fuel tank with level indicator and quick release connector
  • Dual water filtration to increase pump service intervals
  • Single point operation layout for ergonomic user comfort
  • Mustang Nozzles remote mini reel with 60 m 1/4” Armadillo Redflex hose
  • Genuine Mustang Nozzles nozzle box including Root Ranger plus 15 m whip hose
  • Mustang safety plate, safety sign and safety glasses
  • Purchase the "Plumber's Pack" to get all you need to attack that first blockage!

ROBLAST JETTER Technical Information

Working range / pipe diameter: Ø8”
Max. working range: 120 m (with mini reel)
Engine: Honda GX690 27 HP
Pump: Interpump W3523
Flow rate (Class A): 20L/min
Flow rate (Class B): 23L/min
Battery: 280CCA 26Ah 12V PbAc
PSI (Class A): 4,000
PSI (Class B): 5,000
Fuel tank: 25L
Water tank: 51L capacity / 38L usable
Dry weight: 195 kg
Dimensions: 1350L x 585W x 870H
Dimensions w/out reels: 840L x 585W x 870H

Included Accessories in Plumber's Pack

ROBLAST Nozzle Box

Includes: Root Ranger Nozzle (RB5101), Predator Invader Nozzle (RB5102), Negotiator Thruster Nozzle (RB5103), Compressor Thruster Nozzle w/adaptor (RB5104/RB5105), spare quick release (RB5100), nozzle tip cleaner (RB5107), nozzle spanner (RB5106) in a ROCASE

Mini Reel

Remote mini reel with 60 m 1/4" Redflex hose

Safe Jetting Sign
Hose Restraint


View and download the ROTHENBERGER ROBLAST 5000 flyer here

Download the ROBLAST 5000 user manual here

Where to Buy

To purchase the ROBLAST jetter, please contact your local Reece store.
ROBLAST 5000 jetter only code 7701289
Accessories pack only code 8006352

Order both codes to get a kit ready to clear blockages.